Healthy Habits Are Bullshit

This Shit is Not Sustainable

The Real Lizania


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I haven’t been sleeping well lately. Mostly because work has me stressed as fuck and life, in general, is pretty bullshit at the moment. So, I have been trying to clean up my life a little and introduce healthy habits into my day-to-day to help ease some of my stress and hopefully sleep better.

After a week of trying these new habits, I have decided they’re bullshit, and I don’t have the discipline for them to be sustainable.

Eat a Healthier Diet

This seemed easy enough. During my last grocery haul, I bought tons of fresh fruit, salad, and other healthy shit. I was motivated for all of 30 minutes until it came time to make something to eat.

I stood in the kitchen and scanned the items I purchased earlier that day only to find that there was nothing convenient or satisfying to eat. Who the fuck wants to cut a fucking pineapple, anyway? It seemed like a good idea at the time.

“For fucks sake, I have nothing to eat,” I said to myself. I proceeded to order a pizza.

Read a Book at Night

I admit that I am not one to read at night. I prefer to fall asleep watching TV — I know, I know. That shit is not good for my rem cycle and likely a contributor to my restlessness.

I decided I would put myself on a schedule and read Sunday-Thursday, leaving my TV watching for the weekends. A fair compromise, in my opinion.

I went on amazon and bought a book and a book light to not disturb my husband while he sleeps. I was pretty motivated to start this new healthy habit. Finally, after 2 days, my book and light arrived.

Later that night, I sent my mom her nightly text around 9:30 PM saying, “well, I am trying to start new healthy fucking habits so I’m off to bed to read a stupid fucking book. Good night”.

I went to turn on my book light only to find out the fucking book light is broken. Fuck this shit. I set aside the book and decided to play bingo on my phone instead. Because why not find something to do before that is even worse than watching TV?

Do Yoga or Meditate


I hope you have more discipline to commit to new healthy habits than I do. If you enjoyed reading this article, I hope you would consider using my referral link here and subscribing to Medium where you have access to every article shared on Medium. Thanks for reading!

Yours truly,

Lizania Real